We are currently analysing and identifying our supply chain to decrease social and environmental risks.

In taking this approach, we are collaborating with our suppliers in Italy and Germany to improve labour conditions and at the same time reduce waste and decrease our environmental footprint. Not only is this good for people and the planet, but it also supports business growth.

Achieving this goal requires the evaluation of the environmental impact of materials and production methods. We want to clarify and track the origin of the raw materials we use to create our products, so that we can make informed decisions.

A further goal for 2021 is to calculate our carbon footprint, which will allow us to set up clear goals for reducing VAVA’s emissions.

We believe that creating shared value with our suppliers is the most effective way to guarantee a more sustainable future. We are also keen to remove all disposable, single-use plastic in our entire supply chain.

We also believe that full audits will improve suppliers’ performance in relation to employees’ rights, working conditions and fulfilment of environmental requirements.

The aim of our climate initiatives are to deliver benefits for both the environment and society, wherever possible. In the future, we will continue to support local projects or businesses that reduce the exposure to climate hazards and diversify the income of local communities in climate change affected landscapes. But this journey needs to go beyond these goals. It is imperative to act on a global scale.

In partnership with the BCSD Portugal Charter of Principles, we will identify guidelines for good business management, which will allow us to be recognised by our customers, suppliers and society more generally as a leader in the arena of commitments to sustainability.

We are also working to sign the act4nature commitments, which are led by BCSD Portugal, with the collaboration of a Steering Committee and an Advisory Board. In 2022, we will present our ongoing work in this area to strengthen biodiversity and present our commitments for public scrutiny.


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