Caring for the environment is something that should be inherent in all of us. If we spoil what we have here on Planet Earth, we will suffer the consequences of our actions, as will future generations.

We must live in harmony with the natural world. If we take care of nature, then nature will also take care of us.

Technology has improved all aspects of our lives, whether that be via medicinal breakthroughs, utilisation of renewable energy sources, the ability to connect with one another regardless of geographic locations and supporting new ideas to keep us active, healthy and living longer.

Most of the energy we use in our everyday lives generates waste that is environmentally harmful and transport is one of the biggest sources of emissions that threatens our ability to limit global heating to 1.5 C. One of the changes that VAVA has implemented is to encourage the use of electric bikes. We use e-bikes for all our daily travels within the city, which has reduced the use of the company car by 50%. By 2022 VAVA’s goal is to use the e-bike in 80% of our daily travels. By using an e-bike instead of a petrol or diesel car, you can also be part of the change. Join us!


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